the world at my finger tips

the world at my finger tips

Friday, February 4, 2011

9 full days of SEA

Jan 27th – Feb 2th
Leaving Brazil was not a sad thing for anyone.  After 5 days in Manaus everyone was just about ready to go. But that only meant a few things; 2 days of smooth sailing back up the Amazon before we hit the Atlantic Ocean. The first day back on the ship was not bad.  Come Jan 28th is when we hit State of Emergency.  The food has slowly but surely gotten worse.  And the H20- that’s a whole different story.  Its been a few days now that I have not had a substantial amount of water.  To distract myself from the food and water, I’ve been laying out (getting dehydrated), working out (getting more dehydrated), eating with nothing to drink after.  That is dehydration at its finest.  One may ask what about juice? Well because they use water to make the juice, instead of enjoying a nice glass of cranberry juice, the cranberry juice has turned into some salty and sour drink that I prefer not to have.  I could purchase a bottle of water, but the one night I really really needed/wanted one, they decided to run out …hmm wonder why?!  Well I can only hope that it gets better soon, or I might die. ☺  well other than that, life’'s great, classes are great, SHIP LIFE IS AMAZING.

“que bonita es esta vida!!”

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