the world at my finger tips

the world at my finger tips

Sunday, January 16, 2011

First few days on the ship!

Finally made it to the ship, and it has only been a few days.  Classes started yesterday and so far I can not complain except for the fact that I am not going to like all the reading I will be doing.  But on a good note, I guess that will not matter when I can read on the top deck by the pool catching some rays :).  

Last night we were stopped for a few hours (bunkered) in Puerto Rico to refuel and to let some people off the ship.  Because Puerto Rico is part of the US, EVERYONE on the ship was on their phones.  It was quiet a scene if you ask me.  I was on mine until we pulled away at about 2:30 am and I no longer had any service.  It was good to hear the voices of family and friends, but at the same time it was a tease.  I felt like I was leaving the US all over again. 
As for the movement and sea sickness on the ship, the first night many people got sick and threw up.  Lucky I have not thrown up yet, but there are times in which I feel very dizzy and light headed.  It's not fun, but I can only hope that it will get better although we could go through some rough seas. 
I have met a lot of awesome people and can not wait to spend the next 4 months with them as well as keeping in touch when we head to our respective homes back in the states.  I would love to post pics on here, but due to the limited internet access I have, that can not be done.  As soon as I can put something up I will be sure to post it for all to see.
stay tuned for more adventures.
from somewhere in the WORLD
MEL :)

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