the world at my finger tips

the world at my finger tips

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A little less than 24 hrs !!

he time has come. A little more than 24 hrs Rach & I will be boarding a plane from Boston with destination to the Bahamas.  As far as plans for the Bahamas, there is nothing set in stone, but there are other SASers there already who having been suggesting on different places to go and it seems like Senor Frog & Atlantis are a must.  Hoping that the weather stays warm, going to the beach might not be such a bad idea either ( : 

Today was my last day at the alumni office & i'm not gonna lie, it was not fun. I'm going to miss that place, even all of the work that I usually do (LOL).  as for goodbyes, I have been slowly but surely been making my rounds saying bye to all my friends *not so much fun :(*  it's only gonna be four long months before I can be reunited with them all again ! Tomorrow, my last day in the states I will be going out to the Womens URI basketball game then out to dinner at Olive Garden before heading out. Well that is all folks, stay tuned for my crazy adventures in the weeks to come.  

 I think IM READY!

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