the world at my finger tips

the world at my finger tips

Monday, January 24, 2011

smooth sailing through the Amazon to Manaus Brazil!

After sailing 2 days through coffee milk looking waters and waving to some Amazonian people I gotta say I still can not believe I was there.  

Although I can say I was not a big fan of all the UGLY, HUGE, COLORFUL, DISGUSTING, CREEPY, FREAKY, flying bugs.  I've never seen bugs so big in my LIFE. There was one beetle that was the size of my friends hand. (in theory, that's kind of big) and of course I got goose bumps and couldn't even handle it ( ewww!! )  

Hanna and I at the meeting of the waters
Today we finally arrived in Manaus Brazil.  Nothing compared to Dominica but it will do for the next 5 days.  I did email my mom and asked her to look up flights so I could perhaps visit her in Colombia :) that would be pretty sweet.  Our first day here & my body hurts.  After getting off the ship, we headed straight to the meeting of the waters. 

Where the coffee milk like water meets with the black water from Colombia, but does not combine or mix.  After witnessing the waters, we continued on to see some sweet water HUMONGOUS fish.  When I get the chance to put up a video you can all see what I am talking about.  They weigh about 170 pounds our guide was telling us. :0 -- after this semi short, but interesting tour, we headed to the Opera House.  

The Opera House

me in front of the Opera House
A stunningly beautiful pink building with a colorful dome behind it. There are performances that go on daily, we missed the first one but we are headed back for the one at 7pm. Walking back from the Opera House, we ran into a huge market place.  There I bought a Brazilian bathing suit bottom which may be too small to wear in the U.S. but it will work here :).  I also got some Ecuadorian scarfs.  We met some locals, straight from the Amazon.  They live off of the stuff they sell and where ever the night brings them.  They were more like "Rastafarians" They were all about us, Hannah got a dread made by one of them .. videos & pics to come as soon as I can get to an internet cafe.  well this was just the beginning of day 1 --

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