the world at my finger tips

the world at my finger tips

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So leaving Dominica was not bad, I had a great time.  But being at sea however, is a completely different story. 

At about 4 AM last night my roommate and I both woke up screaming because the stuff in our room had falling and we were both scared and confused.  The movement on the ship has been very rough and has left many people including myself sick.  I had to leave global studies (my first class this morning) due to sea sickness.  I went back to my room and went straight to bed.  

I saw the doctor who prescribed me the patch and I am hoping that it will work.  Now all I want is food and hope that the ship will stop moving so much, but that probably will not happen anytime soon.  

Well I better go before I get sick again sitting here trying to write this.
until later bloggers.

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